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By joining our community as an Expert Reviewer, you will take on the responsibility to RATE and REVIEW startups and have the option to REFER the most promising ones to your network of investors, and/or commercial partners. 

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Who are our Expert Reviewers?

Currently working with or involved in Emerging Technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, IoT and more


Read and review reports on the most innovative startups and projects working in the Emerging Technology space


Be able to provide constructive criticism and rate the projects that will be matched with your profiel


As one of our Digital Oracles you are well connected and you can refer the most valuable projects to your network


How does it work?

Your contribution as an Expert Reviewer is vital to our community. Your views and recommendations, once published, will move and shake stakeholders’ opinions, prompting them to hold constructive communications and ultimately build value.


Be part of a leading community of Emerging Technology experts


Review projects and provide constructive feedback to the Emerging Technology startups


Answer short questionnaires on the Emerging Technology industry and our startups' ideas


Refer your favourite projects to your network and establish yourself as emerging technology leader

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