Protect your private keys and keep them private

Cyrptocurrencies are a virtual form of money protected by unbreakable cryptography. This attribute makes it a secure way to store wealth, but also creates a risk since access is only through private keys only known by the owner. The first rule in cryptocurrencies is that “if you do not hold your private keys, the assets are not yours in the first place”.

At Portunus, we have understood that we need to provide our clients with a safe way to protect their private keys without ever having to upload nor reveal them to anyone. Private keys are meant to remain private. Therefore, we have developed a proprietary technology that will do just that, keep your private keys private and safely recover them in the event that you lose your keys.

Project Numbers


years roadmap 


Co-founders with Blockchain experience


Million blockchain wallets users (2019) 


A successful team that has proved an incredible execution is now ready to amaze the world with a new project.


Loui Mercieca

Co-founder and CTO

Sharlene Micaleff

Co-founder and Business Director

Malcolm Cauchi

Co-founder and CEO

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